Victoria Emes Invites Us into Her Dream Kitchen

Victoria Emes

Victoria Emes Author, Interiors Specialist and Instagram Comedienne unveils her brand new DIY Alcove Cabinet Shaker Style Kitchen

If you don’t already know, Victoria Emes has taken Instagram by storm, firstly with @victoriaemes, the hugely popular and hilarious narrative on pregnancy and motherhood and secondly with interiors account @victoriaemes_home where Victoria documents the ups and downs of renovating a London period property.

Victoria has just completed the finishing touches to her brand new DIY Alcove Cabinets supply only, in-frame Shaker style kitchen and we think it looks stunning! Here we chat with her to find out a bit more.

In-frame Shaker style kitchen with kitchen island and larder

Why choose DIY Alcove Cabinets for your Kitchen?

After searching extensively for my dream kitchen, it became clear pretty quickly that my budget did not match my fantasy. I’d all but given up hope of ever achieving what I desired when DIY Alcove Cabinet Kitchens stepped in.

Having previously been a DIY Alcove Cabinets customer for fitted alcove cabinets and our made to measure alcove wardrobes, I was chuffed to discover they were expanding the product range to include supply only in-frame Shaker style kitchens.

Working closely with John, he used his expertise to create a stunning bespoke kitchen that is simultaneously functional and practical, without compromising on style and design and was planned with my family specifically in mind.

I felt completely listened to throughout the process from start to finish and we’ve ended up with a Shaker style kitchen that goes far beyond my expectations. This kitchen has literally transformed our family life and walking into it brings me joy every day!

Plan view and front elevation drawings

Why did you choose a Shaker Style kitchen?

I love anything vintage, so felt it would reflect the aesthetic of the rest of our home. It felt traditional but not fussy. Plus, Shaker style kitchens are elegant and timeless and can be painted in any colour combo you fancy!

Tell us about the layout?

Getting the layout right was quite possibly the hardest part of designing the kitchen because we had so much to squeeze into the space. Initially we were going to keep the original doorway into the kitchen and just have a kitchen island with a straight run of cupboards on one side. But we sought advice from an architect and they came up with some different options to maximise the space. So glad we did – as we used a hybrid of their ideas and instead turned the original doorway into a window, allowing for the kitchen cabinets to wrap round that corner of the room, creating 3m more of cupboard space and work surface. Such an innovative idea and has worked so well.

Oak dovetailed drawers and-in frame Shaker style kitchen with soft close drawers

What’s behind those in-frame Shaker style cabinet doors?

Everything you can imagine! We’ve got all the appliances you’d expect, including our washing machine and dryer, dishwasher etc. We have a very clever corner pull out unit that stores our small electrical appliances and baking gear plus my favourite feature, a double pantry cupboard. The drawers are all oak dovetailed with oak cutlery inserts.

How long did the Kitchen renovation take from start to finish?

It was supposed to take 3 months but because of various issues during the first stage of digging the foundations, there were long delays. The whole process from start to finish took closer to 7 months. Once the room was plastered the kitchen cabinets took four days to be installed by our carpenter as they were already in an assembled format and a couple of days to be professionally painted.

Bespoke in-frame Shaker style kitchen, kitchen cabinet with glass doors

Anything you’d do differently?

We budgeted for the renovation, but I wish we’d included a budget to move out and rent somewhere locally for the most disruptive part of the build. It was very challenging having no kitchen and no running water downstairs for 3 months with two small children. If you can afford to move out, do it.

What’s your favourite bit about the kitchen?

That it not only looks beautiful, but it’s incredibly functional too. The cabinets are completely bespoke in size so there’s no wasted space. The layout is so practical, the hob is perfectly positioned in the island so I can cook facing into the room, there’s ample storage, and the seating area at the kitchen island – it’s just beyond all my expectations and I love it all.

In-frame Shaker style kitchen with kitchen island

Based on its existing mantra of ‘bespoke cabinetry without the bespoke price tag’, DIY Alcove Cabinets now offers custom built (to the millimetre!), in-frame Shaker style kitchen cabinets and utility rooms at an affordable price and at a fraction of the cost of fully fitted. There’s no standard size; each and every cabinet is completely made to measure.

The DIY Alcove Cabinet Kitchens include; wall cupboards, floor cupboards, tall cupboards, larders, islands and dressers all of which are delivered in assembled format, primed and ready to be fitted by the customer or their preferred tradesperson and painted. Each cabinet ‘kit’ includes everything required to complete your kitchen project.

Every kitchen is completely bespoke and priced accordingly but expect to pay around £13,500 for a kitchen similar in size and a spec to Victoria’s. This price includes supply only cabinets and in-frame Shaker style doors, full extension soft close drawers, a pre-finished interior in a choice of colours, all external elements are pre-primed and ready to be fitted. It excludes appliances, sink, taps and worktops.

To find out more about our kitchens please visit our Kitchens page, call 01403 823824 or email sales@diyalcovecabinets.co.uk