Installation Tips

  • You don’t have to be a DIY expert to install our alcove furniture as installation is easy.
  • We provide a full flat pack ‘alcove cabinet kit’ that has everything you need including pre-cut, pre-drilled cabinet components and a parts box which contains hardware such as screws, hinges, door knobs, shelf pegs and assembly fittings. We also supply step by step, easy to read instructions.
  • You’ll just need a few basic DIY skills, access to and knowledge of the following tools:
    • A jigsaw
    • Measuring tape
    • A spirit level
    • Tea & Biscuits !
  • On average a pair of DIY Alcove Cabinets should take no longer than a day to fit and a day to paint.
  • Stick to the basic rules such as ‘measure twice, cut once’ and you’re on your way. You’re unlikely to make a mistake but don’t worry if you do. We’ll have all your cabinet details on file. Get in touch ASAP and we’ll get the necessary parts to you quickly. We only charge cost price on extra parts.
  • Holes for media boxes and plug sockets are cut on site during the cabinet fitting. We recommend simply using a hole saw available from any high street DIY store. It will create a hole just big enough to plug the items in and create a neat and tidy finish.