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Your Alcove Space Dimensions (W x D x H x S)


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How much do fitted wardrobes cost?

Our fitted wardrobes start from just £550. We keep our costs down as there is no site visit and the wardrobe fitting and painting is done by you.

We supply you with a made-to-measure fitted wardrobe kit that has everything you need including easy to read, step by step instructions.

We use the most up-to-date CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery to ensure total accuracy in measurements, and only premium quality materials are used.

Save on price, not quality. Use our fitted wardrobe price calculator now for an instant quote.

Standard wardrobe specification.


  • Carcass cabinets
  • Soft close flat panel doors
  • Clip on hinges
  • 18mm internal shelf
  • Hanging rail
  • Wooden door knobs
  • 25mm square edge cornice
  • Plinth base

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Choose your Wardrobe options

Panel Mould Doors £170.00

Ogee Mould Doors £170.00

Ovolo Mould Doors £170.00

Raised Panel Doors £190.00

Shaker Doors £130.00

Contemp. Vertical Doors £130.00

Contemp. Horizontal Doors £130.00

Contemp. Circle Doors £130.00

Contemp. Square Doors £130.00

Standard £0.00

Sailing Door

Yes £20.00

No £0.00

Accent Handle

Yes £20.00

No £0.00

Brass Knob £15.00

Chrome Knob £15.00

Iron Knob £15.00

Oak Knob £10.00

Standard Knob £0.00

Ogee £30.00

Chamfer £25.00

Ovolo £30.00

Touros £30.00

Standard £0.00

Yes £20.00

No £0.00

Yes £70.00

Standard £0.00

Yes £120.00

No £0.00

Yes £25.00

No £0.00

1 Shelf £15.00

2 Shelves £30.00

3 Shelves £45.00

4 Shelves £60.00

Standard £0.00

1 Drawer £110.00

2 Drawers £220.00

3 Drawers £330.00

4 Drawers £440.00

Standard £0.00

1 Drawer £90.00

2 Drawers 180.00

3 Drawers £270.00

4 Drawers £360.00

Standard £0.00


30mm £10.00

36mm £15.00

Standard £0.00

Traditional Cornice £50.00

Built-Up Cornice £20.00

Scaled Drawing?

Yes £20.00

No £0.00

Paint Priming ? (select to view price)




None £0.00


Internal Lights £140.00

No Lighting £0.00


No payments are taken until we have discussed this enquiry with you. This page is for you to tell us your requirements.

Please enter the dimensions you require - left or right as appropriate.

Once you have submitted your cabinet enquiry you have the opportunity to submit images of your alcove spaces.

Your Alcove SPACE Dimensions (mm)

Space Width Space Depth Space Height Skirting Height
Space Width Space Depth Space Height Skirting Height

Your Alcove WARDROBE Dimensions (mm)

Wardrobe Depth Total Height
Wardrobe Depth Total Height

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