Why Invest in Fitted Alcove Furniture?

Are You Deciding on Whether to Invest in Fitted Furniture?

At DIY Alcove Cabinets made to measure furniture is our speciality; we’ve been doing it for nearly 30 years. We believe there are many benefits to custom made furniture but don’t just take our word for it. We’ve invited some industry experts to elaborate on reasons why made-to-measure cupboards and bespoke wardrobes really are worth investing in.

Increase Your Storage

Increase Your Storage

Fitted furniture provides storage space to keep possessions and clutter organised and discreetly out of sight. Whether that’s keeping a prized collection of handbags safely ordered in the wardrobe or tucking away a children’s toy box in an alcove cabinet at the end of a busy day.

“A place for everything and everything in its place.” Katherine Blackler, CPO (Certified Professional Organiser) and Founder of SortMySpace Ltd couldn’t agree more. Katherine explained: “I genuinely believe that by consciously and mindfully decluttering and organising your physical environment, your mind gets more clarity and respite too. Increasing cabinet storage can definitely help to consciously create a calm, welcoming and organised space to live or work in.”

Maximise Space

Maximise Space

Made-to-measure furniture not only allows you to be tidier and organised it also makes the very best use of the actual space you have. Bespoke wardrobes and alcove cabinets are designed to utilise every available inch of space in a way that free standing furniture can’t.

John Graham, Managing Director here at DIY Alcove Cabinets explained: “As fitted furniture is completely bespoke it can be designed to suit any awkward shape or tight corner. Wardrobes and bookcases can be taken to full ceiling height and you can maximise the width so there’s no wasted space. It’s also designed to work around picture rails, skirting boards, dado rails, plug sockets, gas metres, window sills and accommodate any other quirky feature a property may have.”

Add Character

Add Character

Installing fitted alcove units enables you to completely transform the look and feel of a room. Whether you’re moving into a new build, or refurbishing a period property, alcove cabinets not only add character and depth but also provide a focal point for any space. Alcove cabinets in a period property also enhance existing traditional features.

In addition to offering the practical storage element, alcove shelving can be a great design feature and an opportunity to stamp your own personality and style.

Lucy Henerson, Head of Design at My Bespoke Room said: “As designers, we tend to get a bit over excited about storage solutions and are always looking for ways to install fitted furniture into a room! They not only provide our clients with storage for days but they help to make the most of every unused inch of a room and can be a real design focal point.”

“Opting for shaker style doors with a decorative cornice can instantly add period character to space or you can opt for something more streamlined for a contemporary feel. They also offer an opportunity to get creative with colour. Typically, they are painted the same colour as the walls to help them sink into the room, but you could instead give them a starring role by painting them a bright bold hue which provides an exciting contrast and focal point.”

Disguise Unsightly Features

Disguise Unsightly Features

Whilst a fitted cupboard can be used to house and display prize possessions equally it can cleverly disguise features you don’t want others to see such as gas meters, pipes and electric boxes.

Custom Design

Custom Design

Bespoke furniture can be built to your exact measurements and tailored to your specific needs meaning you can have exactly what you want to enhance your lifestyle.

Wardrobes are such a personal space and with made to measure you can completely dictate the interior layout. Choose from shelves, soft close internal or external drawers, led lighting, hanging rails, shoe boxes, tie racks, the list is endless!

Fitted alcove cabinets can be designed to suit your individuality too. John Graham explained: “There are so many features you can incorporate into the design of your cabinets such as log stores, wine racks, media units, toy boxes and pet beds. Our motto at DIY Alcove Cabinets is “If you can measure it, we can make it!”.

Add Value to Your Property

Storage throughout a home enables items to be put away, makes rooms feel tidier, larger, more desirable and ultimately adds value to your home. Ian Marlow at Seymours Estate Agents, believes that fitted furniture can increase the value of a property whatever its size or price point.

Ian explained: “Well designed fitted furniture in an apartment or property where space is at a premium not only boosts value by upwards of £20,000 but also saleability. Purchasers are increasingly looking for a second bedroom to act as a dual use room, for example a room that can be used as a study during the week and transformed into a guest room at the weekend. A two bed apartment where the second bedroom incorporates a made to measure cabinet with inbuilt desk alongside a fitted wardrobe and sofa-bed would absolutely tick those boxes and boost its saleability tenfold.”

Ian continued: “Clients looking to purchase large properties at the premium end of the market also place great emphasis on beautifully made bespoke pieces of furniture. A spacious open plan kitchen diner used for family time but also entertaining lends itself to a media unit that can cleverly house a flat screen TV within a bookcase. This attention to detail increases a rooms’ functionality, the properties desirability and can make or break a sale. Discerning buyers definitely equate fitted built in furniture with quality.”


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