Measuring Tips

  • Please record your measurements in millimetres
  • When measuring for an alcove cabinet or wardrobe, you ignore the skirting and picture rails and measure wall to wall at the widest point
  • Your measurements do not need to be mm perfect. We allow a tolerance of up to 20mm within the cabinet construction.
  • Please tell us about any window ledges, curtain poles, plug sockets or radiators which we then accommodate
  • Measurements we require:
    • Alcove width
    • Alcove height
    • Alcove depth
    • Skirting height
    • Base cabinet height
    • Base cabinet depth
    • Total cabinet height including bookcase
  • Base Alcove Cabinets:
    • Are usually between 700mm to 850mm high
    • The base of the alcove cabinet protrudes from the chimney breast by approximately 50mm to 150mm
    • The maximum cabinet depth is the base cabinet top. You’re internal cabinet shelf depth will be 8cm less than the base cabinet top depth
  • Wardrobes:
    • The ideal minimum internal depth for alcove wardrobes is approximately 540mm
    • Allow a minimum of 1,000mm (height) for an average hanging rail inside the wardrobe
  • Floating Alcove Unit:
    • For aesthetics allow a 100mm gap down each side this also enables an easier installation. The height from the floor should be approximately 200mm to create the ‘floating’ illusion
  • Skirting:
    • Do not remove skirtings, picture rails or dado rails from within the alcove space, we can work around these and allow you to retain original features