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Would I buy from DIY Alcove Cabinets again ? Yes.

Mrs Francis, Pimlico

Result !

David Crain, Chiswick

These cabinets always fit perfect every time.

Stallwood Builders

Nothing too complicated & very happy.

Andy, Wimbledon

Saved hundreds and enjoyed the challenge. (Fitted 2 cabinets in a day.)

Peter, Richmond

DIY Alcove Cabinets deliver everytime.

Maclen Builders


So what’s the general procedure ?

Use the price calculator to specify your bespoke cabinets by ticking the items you would like. Send us the dimensions we require from the order form and upload a photo if possible and we will call you to discuss the various details. At this stage there is no obligation to buy anything.

How much will my cabinets cost ?

Use the price calculator to see exactly how much your cabinet will cost. There are no surprises or extra costs incurred anywhere !

I want to purchase my cabinets. Now what ?

Once we’ve established your cabinet design we manufacture your bespoke cabinets and deliver within 4 weeks at a time to suit you.

Payment ?

Payment in full is made when you have decided you are happy to proceed. We accept all major cards, cheques and bank transfers.

Payment options

What can I expect once delivered ?

You will receive all the component parts of the cabinet structure pre drilled and ready to assemble straight away. A parts box will contain all the hardware such as hinges, doors knobs, shelf pegs and assembly fittings. At the payment stage we will email you a photographic PDF instruction sheet. This way you have time to become familiar with the product prior to delivery. You will naturally be able to call us with any queries however small you may think they are !

DIY skills ?

You will be buying a bespoke product made to measure. The skill is making it fit into the required space. Only basic tools are needed and the use of a jig saw & drill / driver. Stick to the basic rules such as ‘measure twice cut once’ and your on your way.

Why choose DIY Alcove Cabinets ?

We have 20 years of fitted furniture experience. Its fair to say we have come across every possible scenario that may be experienced fitting furniture into domestic & commercial environments.

The accuracy of our cuts is to a tolerance of 0.1mm (very accurate !). Achieved by cutting the sheet material on a beam saw. The MDF is Medite brand considered to be the best on the market (there is a difference !) and our hinges and hardware are Grass, also world leaders in quality furniture hardware.

Ultimately you are buying the same product as you would by paying a company to supply & fit for you.

What things do I need to consider ?

At the initial measuring stage there can be some elements that need consideration. Such as, curtain poles extending into the alcove area, radiators, position of plug & aerial sockets, fire place hearths, fire gas pipes and mantle pieces. None of these things are problematic so long as we are aware of them in advance.

How are the cabinets manufactured ?

When we have your dimensions & design specification we produce a cutting list of all the parts. This list goes automatically to the beam saw accurate to 0.1mm.

Using the latest mutli borer machine all the holes are drilled to accept the assembly fittings, hinges, shelf holes and alike. If preparation tape is being used then it is applied using our edgebander machine. Everything is checked, the hardware counted then packaged ready for delivery.

How long will my cabinet take to fit ?

A professional fitter will take just over half a day to fit 2 alcove cabinets but you can expect a competent DIY’er to fit 2 in a good day. The actual assembly of the cabinets doesn’t take long at all. The time and care is taken to cut the parts that make the cabinet fit into its space. The same procedure is applied to all the cut parts and is known in the trade as ‘scribing’. This is the process of cutting the supplied material over parts such as skirting boards and picture rails.

Painting my cabinets

Painting the cabinets is best done with good quality paints. Use a roller on large flat areas and a 3” brush for the internal corners and detailed parts or to create a brushed finish. Apply a primer / undercoat first followed by 2 top coats of your chosen colour. Rub down lightly between coats. Unless you have opted to use the MDF preparation tape (advised) the edges of the MDF will require more attention with the rubbing down.

Having spent the time proudly fitting your cabinets you need to apply the paint with care. Attention to detail at this stage will ensure a very big smile when you sit back and admire your work and consider how much money you have saved by DIY !

What is ‘preparation tape’ ?

We use preparation tape for the flat edges of MDF. It is applied using our edgebander and greatly increases the quality of the paint finish. It minimises rubbing down paint between coats so reducing dust and creates a perfect edge finish to shelves and doors. We will always advise the use of prep tape to achieve a great finish.

I messed up... Help !

Don’t worry. We will have all your cabinet details on file. Should a mistake be made, get in touch asap and we will get the necessary part to you quickly ! We only charge cost price on extra parts.

What instructions do I get ?

Upon the purchase of your cabinets we will email you in advance of delivery photographic and written instructions for you to look at. This way you will be familiar with the process and better prepared to fit the cabinets.


Why are your alcove cabinets so much cheaper than anywhere else ?

The cost saving comes as a result of many things added together.

Firstly there is no site visit. We build the cabinets based on the information supplied by yourself. This is an easy process and combining the elements we require always produces a perfect result.

Secondly we specialise in making alcove cabinets and because of this we are set up to supply that market.

And thirdly the fitting & painting is taken care of by yourself resulting in saving literally hundreds of pounds.

Can my cabinets be pre-assembled ?

Simply select the option for pre-assembly on the price calculator and we will deliver your cabinets ready to fit.

Alcove wardrobes ?

Adding alcove wardrobes to our site has been based on customer demand. The fitted wardrobes are no different in construction than our traditional alcove units, just heavier !

Bedroom alcove wardrobes make even more sense in utilising valuable space in most homes and can be just as easily customised to suit you situation.